LIFT Academy understands the nuances of training and the power of a well-trained productive workforce.
Thus the following value -services are offered:

Our Services

Customised Training Programs

Training is one of the most important business investment. Research in this area has shown that there are definite benefits of training. Some of these benefits include:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Creation of a sense of ownership and responsibility
  • Better workforce retention
  • Motivated workforce
  • Enhanced quality of service delivery

Effective training has long term impact.

Learning Design at the Core of every program
LIFT Academy’s expertise in Learning Design helps in the creation of innovative and engaging training programs.
The focus is on:

  • Practical and need-based training
  • Consideration of target audience attributes
  • Analysis to simplify content, and make it interesting through the use of real life scenarios, stories, activities and games
  • Hands-on practice for application of knowledge
  • Contextualisation of program content to local needs and requirements

Learning Design brings in a process-driven approach to the design and development of customised training programs.

Needs Analysis:
The process begins with a detailed understanding of the need for the training (client needs), the target audience profile and the nature of the content.

Design of Program:
Based on the needs, and the considerations of the target audience, content is structured; the learning experience is designed and strategies defined. Next the most effective training delivery is proposed. Ideally a blended training methodology works the best. Use of technology to meet the requirements is integral to all design considerations.

Training content based on defined strategies is done in this phase. The trainer guide, participant hand-outs and the assessments are designed and developed.
LIFT Academy stresses on Pre and Post Assessments. Assessments are designed based on three aspects – Knowledge (K) – Skills (S) and Attitude (A).
The parameters for these three aspects – KSA are then defined based on the program requirements.

Implementation is done based on client requirements.
The following implementation models are considered:

  • Experienced trainers conduct training on the defined program at client site
  • LIFT Academy conducts a Train the Trainer (ToT) program for trainer’s identified by the client. The client then undertakes the training internally.

Evaluation and Impact assessment are done through Pre and Post Assessment tools. Feedback of the participants and the client are integral to this evaluation.

Enhanced employability through LIFT Academy’s Service Excellence Model

LIFT Academy has a proprietary Service Excellence Model which covers training on the right attitude, grooming, communication, sense of ownership, responsibility, the right habits and work ethics required for a productive workforce.

The Service Excellence Model imparts this training through modules on SELF, WORKPLACE and VALUES AT WORK

  • Training Program Duration: 8 hours (can be customised for extended duration with topics based on client requirements)
  • Integrated with technical skills
  • Can be rolled out as a stand-alone program

End to End Solutions

LIFT Academy has the capability to provide for end-to-end training solutions.
The strategic partnership with Integron Human Capital Services enables LIFT Academy to mobilise, train and staff the workforce.

Mobilise based on client requirements
Train in requisite technical skills and service excellence
Staff with Integron Human Capital Services
Refresher Programs

Refresher training is conducted to upskill and to address issues of productivity, attitude, as well as updating knowledge.
LIFT Academy conducts refresher programs which focus on safety, processes, compliance, upskilling and soft skills.
It is a process driven approach which begins with a Needs and a Skill Gap Analysis, followed by the customisation of the refresher training program and the delivery of the same at the client site. Assessments are conducted post the training session. Assessment scores and trainer observations for each of the participants are shared with the client.
NSDC certification is provided for all the Refresher trainings conducted for MHE, Warehouse Operations and Facilities Management due to LIFT Academy’s affiliation with the Logistics Skill Council (LSC) and the Travel and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC) respectively.

Click for more details on the courses available in Logistics and Hospitality (Facility Management)

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